Styrateg 1.14

A story driven adventure set in a medieval age with 20 levels
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Styrateg 1.1 is a graphic strategy game that is set in medieval days and presents players with the challenge of freeing the fantasy land of Styrateg from the grip of evil emerging in the ancient kingdoms of the land.

The game features over 20 unique levels of play and the Styrateg 1.1 game includes original medieval music which adds to the atmosphere of the player’s experience. Briefly, the story tells of troubled times that have emerged that put the good king in danger and unknown adversaries are spreading disease, plague, and evil, throughout the kingdom. In response to the king’s call for help, wizards and sorcerers bring their magic to help and noble kings and warriors from all parts of the fantasy country arrive to fight the good fight and defend the lands of Styrateg.

Players of Styrateg 1.1 take a unit and they search everywhere to seek out the unknown enemy and this quest takes them to forests, deserts, and even frozen icebergs. There are treasures to be discovered, 40 different types of enemy, villages and monasteries to explore, and blood bathed battlefields. All the ingredients of a mythical fantasy adventure game are included, such as monsters, barbarians, even ghostly spirits, and over 60 quests are provided to embark on.

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